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Yellow Color Psychology

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Color

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Color

The web has so much to mention about how colour psychology impacts our temper and behaviour, and lots of corporations world wide use those insights to make logo choices akin to figuring out their logo colours.

These choices have an effect on the colours utilized in call-to-action buttons, touchdown pages, and some other interactions with the shopper.

With such a lot content material in the market to offer insights on the right way to use colour, it nonetheless doesn’t appear so minimize and dry.

What Message Do Different Colors Convey?

Different colours put across other meanings, and such a lot of manufacturers use those colours of their images. Here are some examples of pictures that use colours to rouse a definite temper.


Yellow Color Psychology

(Right Image Source | Left Image Source)

This colour is constructive and younger, and it’s incessantly used to clutch the eye of window consumers.


Red Color Psychology

(Right Image Source | Left Image Source)

Brands incessantly use crimson to put across a sense of power and build up the viewer’s center fee. It additionally creates a way of urgency, which is why you notice it utilized in clearance gross sales.


Blue Color Psychology

(Right Image Source | Left Image Source)

Blue is a soothing colour that conveys consider and safety. It is incessantly used within the advertising of banks and companies.


Black Color Psychology

(Right Image Source | Left Image Source)

Black is observed to be robust and swish and is incessantly used to marketplace luxurious merchandise or services and products.

But, if truth be told, it’s improper to assume unmarried colour creates one particular emotion for everybody—that’s overly simplistic.

What Does Science Have to Say About Color Psychology?

Research cited from KISSmetrics and Neil Patel for individuals who love stats and numbers:

  • 92.6% of other people say that visible dimensions are the number one influencing issue affecting their acquire choices (over style, scent, and many others.) in line with Neil Patel
  • 85% of customers say colour is the principle reason they purchase a selected product
  • 42% of customers base their opinion of a website online on design on my own
  • 52% of customers didn’t go back to a website online as a result of total aesthetics

If you employ colour psychology as it should be, you’ll affect your target market’s decision-making procedure via serving to them really feel the best way you need them to really feel which is able to build up total conversions.

If you employ colour psychology as it should be, you’ll affect your target market’s decision-making procedure via serving to them really feel the best way you need them to really feel which is able to build up total conversions.

By leveraging sure colours and colour combos, you’ll direct buyer perceptions for your logo’s choose. Over time, you’ll be capable to transcend fast conversions to create long-term logo loyalty and affinity.

So how do you employ the best colour to steer your target market?

That is what we’re going to duvet in the remainder of this text. You are going to be told:

  • What is Color Psychology & How Does it Work?
  • How Color Affects Our Brain
  • How Color Psychology Affects Our Emotions (& Our Customers’ Emotions)
  • The Power of Color Preferences
  • How to Use Color Psychology to Market to Your Audience
  • How Are Brands Using Color Psychology?

What is Color Psychology & How Does it Work?

“Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. Colors can also enhance the effectiveness of placebos. Color can indeed influence a person; however, it is important to remember that these effects differ between people.” –Wikipedia

What does this imply?

Color has the facility to have an effect on other people’s resolution making and behaviour (as in “will have to I devour this?” or “will have to I purchase this?” more or less resolution making).

How Color Affects Our Brain

Colors grasp a large number of affect on our feelings and attitudes in opposition to one thing. In a learn about via Satyendra Singh from the University of Winnipeg, analysis confirmed that folks make up their minds inside of 90 seconds in their preliminary interactions with other people or merchandise. Further perception presentations that about 60-90% % of the preliminary interplay with a product is according to colours on my own and the way the ones colours make us really feel.

How Color Psychology Affects Our Emotions (& Our Customers’ Emotions)

In advertising and design, colours are idea to steer purchasing alternatives, emotions, or even recollections. Yet, we’re all distinctive, and each and every individual’s belief of colour is their very own.

These two parallels make it extraordinarily arduous to make a choice just one colour that may resonate with all your target market. Each particular person may have a unique reaction to colours and there is not any approach of understanding in case your belief is equal to mine.

Let’s say we went right into a paint retailer in combination to take a look at paint chips. If you had been gazing a selected colour of crimson and requested me what colour it used to be, I’d almost definitely have a unique solution than yours. Although you might describe the colour as crimson, there is not any approach of understanding if our belief is identical. We don’t understand colours in the similar approach.

Here’s any other instance: Do you take into account the viral sensation referred to as The Dress in 2015? The symbol went viral as a result of other people everywhere the sector disagreed over whether or not the get dressed used to be blue and black or white and gold. What colour do you notice?

Audience Color Perception Example

Each individual’s various opinion of the colour used to be because of our variations in belief. Color psychology has to do with figuring out those perceptions.

Just like we now have a selected style in meals, all of us have our personal tastes with regards to colour. To cater a picture to a selected target market, we wish to perceive what those personal tastes are.

While, after all, this may also be other for everyone, there are some associations with explicit colours which are slightly extra common. We will check out those associations and personal tastes in additional element within the subsequent phase.

The Power of Color Preferences

Pink & Blue

Close your eyes and consider your good friend is telling about their new child child. They display you a picture of the infant, and the infant is dressed in blue.

What gender do you assume the infant is?

Now, what if I mentioned the infant is dressed in red?

In as of late’s society, we love to assume that “pink is for girls, blue is for boys,” however within the 1800s, women and men each wore white clothes.

So, how did we get into our minds that women like red and boys like blue? This shift in shopper conduct used to be created via outlets who had been in search of a solution to promote to oldsters and affect them to shop for new garments for his or her kids.

Color psychology is compelling stuff, and corporations are leveraging insights in personal tastes to be able to marketplace to their target market at all times.


Another instance is the colour crimson. Red is one of the vital researched colour on this planet and is considered a colour that creates pleasure and need—or is it caution and threat?

It depends upon what you learn.

Different research display that crimson triggers blended feelings, and that’s the base line of all this—other other people will really feel various things when seeing the colour crimson (or any colour for that topic) as a result of we’re other other people.

We assume another way about each and every colour as a result of the other studies we now have in lifestyles, our tradition, and the symbols we connect to each and every one.

If you need to make use of colour psychology the best approach (and build up conversions within the procedure), you wish to have to begin via taking a look at colour belief from 4 other vantage issues: Culture, symbolism, age, and gender.

If you need to make use of colour psychology the best approach (and build up conversions within the procedure), you wish to have to begin via taking a look at colour belief from 4 other vantage issues: Culture, symbolism, age, and gender.


Not strangely, colour method various things to other cultures.

Culture Color Preferences


In the graphic above, we will see that crimson has a robust affiliation with good fortune throughout more than one cultures whilst in others—like in Western America, Japan, or Hindu cultures—it doesn’t lift the similar that means.

In Western and Japanese cultures, crimson symbolizes love whilst in different cultures, it varies from inexperienced to yellow. Black symbolizes dying in maximum Western international locations and Japan, whilst in lots of different Asian international locations white symbolizes dying.

These cultural variations in the back of the that means of various colours are huge and are no doubt one thing that you wish to have to take into accounts when designing a touchdown web page or opting for inventory footage. This knowledge is making it transparent that suitable analysis should be finished for your target market sooner than you select which colours to make use of.


Every tradition has symbols. Colors and the way symbols engage with them are vital to believe. Symbols lift emotional that means, which is able to have an effect on colour perceptions.

What are as of late’s cultural symbols?

The energy of symbols may also be seen via taking a look at superheroes. They each and every have distinct colours related to them.

Brand Symbol Colors


Most of the superheroes we’re accustomed to within the Western global have other ratios of the principle colours of crimson, yellow, and blue.

The focal point on those 3 colours would make sense to the normal Western marketplace, but when your target market had other backgrounds, the that means with the above colours could be other.


Audience Age Color Preferences


Joe Hallock famous in his analysis that crimson and blue stay prime in choice all the way through age adjustments, however different colours appear to drop in choice.

What’s attention-grabbing is the choice of inexperienced in the more youthful age teams and the choice of red within the older age teams.

Be certain to believe the age team of your target market you’re advertising to and use the above colour knowledge to marketplace with the suitable colours.


Color choice is seen inside of genders.

Children glance to know the sector and the folk round them, and we, as adults, frequently fortify stereotypes. Children additionally incessantly create archetypes of what it’s to be male and what’s feminine. Eventually, males most often really feel extra interested in blue, and ladies to the colour crimson.

Lee Ellis & Christopher Ficek’s analysis printed very vital variations between the personal tastes of women and men with regards to colour.

Gender Color Preferences

The most vital variations needed to do with personal tastes for blue and inexperienced. Nearly part (45%) of all men selected more than a few sun shades of blue as their favourite colour and not more than 20% selected some colour of inexperienced, handiest 25% of women folk selected blue, whilst about 28% selected inexperienced.

Other noteworthy gender variations had been that women folk had been much more likely to make a choice red and red, whilst men had been extra a fan of black (this latter discovering is opposite to Silver and Ferrante (1995), who discovered women folk want black greater than men).

How to Use Color Psychology to Market to Your Audience

Behavior Insights

It would possibly marvel you, however a large number of other people don’t use Google Analytics knowledge to habits a habits research and make knowledgeable choices on their target market. What a ignored alternative!

You can use your current site visitors knowledge to know the next metrics:

  • Geographic location
  • Language
  • Age and gender

These metrics will assist you to perceive what colour to make a choice on your target market.

For instance, if you wish to spotlight feelings which are constructive and younger, you need to use yellow to clutch consideration. But, relying at the location of your buyer, it will make sense to check out any other colour to clutch consideration as an alternative.

You may also take your buyer analysis to the following degree via investigating your target market for each and every particular person product that you simply promote.

Note: Insights coming from social media retailers like Facebook and Instagram are at hand for this kind of knowledge. They have a large number of details about the target market and concentrated on—make sure to use the gender and age metrics to make a choice the best colour. You too can use those insights to assist together with your advertising efforts.

Survey Your Users

It’s crucial to know the voice of your buyer. You can do that with surveys. Surveys are a gold mine of knowledge that can assist you perceive the personal tastes of your target market.

Brand belief surveys are questions you’ll give on your current target market to know in the event that they view the logo the best way you do.

These questions have a tendency to be very imprecise and require open-ended solutions. Depending on what number of people you ask, they are able to assist you to measure the certain, unfavorable, and impartial sentiment of your logo.

The feedback are particularly useful in figuring out how they describe your logo and the present emotion in the back of it.

Here’s an instance of a logo survey that presentations the consequences:

Brand Color Emotions Survey


The phrases used above are connected with colour so you’ll perceive the emotional enjoy.

Another possibility with a logo survey is to invite your target market about more than one manufacturers (together with your individual) to look which logo resonates together with your target market.

Audience Location Brand Preferences


Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console to seem into the hunt phrases and phrases your target market is the usage of for your web page. This will assist you to determine the issue or questions they’re on the lookout for and their issues. Both the Discover and Search Results phase is a gold mine.

How Are Brands Using Color Psychology?

Let’s dive into the wonder trade, the place there’s a large number of festival.

Pink is a not unusual colour theme for good looks. A well-known good looks weblog referred to as the Planology Blog accumulated a couple of phrases which are typically related to red. They come with compassion, sincerity, happiness, optimism, and gentleness.

What’s attention-grabbing, is that whilst the colour is related to “femininity,” now not all sun shades put across the similar emotion.

Pink Brand Logo Color Examples

Muted pinks put across a way of calm (Vineyard Vines, Benefit Cosmetics, and Mary Kay)

Pink Logo Brand Colors

Saturated pinks like Magenta are used to put across power and pleasure (call to mind manufacturers like PINK via Victoria Secret, Lyft, and Cosmopolitan).

Millienial Pink Brand Logo Colors

The ultimate batch’s tone is beautiful impartial, unassuming, and really trendy. This colour development began from Glossier, a billion-dollar logo that created this hue which has now transform the norm for lots of companies concentrated on younger girls.

Glossier’s hue is coined “Millennial Pink” for the reason that colour resonates rather well with its millennial target market and is used closely of their advertising efforts.

Be certain to leverage the logo colours you’ve selected for your logo photoshoot.


To recap:

  • Yes, colours be capable to have an effect on our consumers’ choices
  • It’s now not at all times so easy—you’ll’t take a look at colours in isolation
  • To have an effect on your target market, you wish to have to know personal tastes

Understanding what your target market desires in relation to colour psychology isn’t as easy and simple as it will appear however in the event you use the sources that you’ve to check out and higher perceive your target market, it is possible for you to to raised leverage colour psychology to develop your logo.

Note: For a step by step information that can assist you decide your logo colours and different visible property on your logo, take a look at our Ecommerce Branding Guide.

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