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An Alarming Discovery In an Astronaut's Bloodstream

An Alarming Discovery In an Astronaut's Bloodstream

An Alarming Discovery In an Astronaut's Bloodstream

Thelasko shared this text from the Atlantic a couple of sudden scientific remark at the International Space Station: An astronaut used to be sporting out an ultrasound on their very own frame as a part of a brand new learn about, guided in actual time by means of a consultant at the floor. A an identical take a look at prior to the astronaut introduced to area had come again customary. But now the scan confirmed a clump of blood…

Before the astronauts introduced, researchers measured blood go with the flow of their jugular vein in seated, supine, and tilted positions. The readings regarded customary. The researchers had the astronauts repeat the ultrasounds all over their missions at the ISS. Scans confirmed that blood go with the flow within the vein stalled in 5 of the 11 astronauts. “Sometimes it was sloshing back and forth a bit, but there was no net-forward movement,” Marshall-Goebel says. Seeing stagnant blood go with the flow in this type of vein is unusual, she says; the situation typically happens within the legs, similar to when other folks sit down nonetheless for hours on a aircraft…

All the astronauts had been thought to be to be in just right well being prior to they introduced. And once they got here house, the prerequisites vanished in the vast majority of them. When the researchers analyzed the information, they discovered that a 2nd astronaut could have evolved a blood clot no person had noticed whilst they had been in orbit. But no person skilled any well being troubles. “None of the crew members actually had any negative clinical outcomes,” Marshall-Goebel says.

An affiliate professor of area medication on the International Space University in France tells the Atlantic that the findings had been compelling. “I think we need to understand this before we embark on long-duration missions where the astronaut would be so far away that we wouldn’t be able to help them in the case of a medical emergency.”

Read extra of this tale at Slashdot.

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