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Go Pro Quits the Game, Says AI Is Too Tough to Beat

Go Pro Quits the Game, Says AI Is Too Tough to Beat

Go Pro Quits the Game, Says AI Is Too Tough to Beat

Since its debut in 2016, AlphaGo—Google’s Go taking part in AI—has many times beaten the festival. Only one particular person has ever defeated the AI, Go grasp Lee Se-dol. Now, confronted with an progressed model of the AI program, Lee says he’s retiring.

“With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the number one through frantic efforts,” Lee informed Yonhap News in Korea. “Even if I transform the primary, there’s an entity that can not be defeated.”

Lee beat AlphaGo as soon as all over their first matchup in 2016, however misplaced 4 different video games. After the video games, Google skilled a brand new model of AlphaGo via forcing it to play towards its predecessor.

The young and old AI fought over the direction of four.nine million video games till the new AlphaGo used to be in a position to beat its predecessor 100 video games in a row. The similar group used the similar method to create AIs that play Starcraft II higher than 99.98% of human gamers.

Faced with such unattainable festival, Lee is leaving Go at the back of. But, to commemorate his retirement, he’s taking part in a last set of video games towards HanDol—a an identical AI created via South Korea’s NHN Entertainment. HanDol has already bested 5 different South Korean Go champions.

To stay issues truthful, Lee will get started his video games towards HanDol with two stones already on the board, handicapping the AI. “Even with a two-stone advantage, I feel like I will lose the first game to HanDol,” Lee mentioned. “These days, I don’t follow Go news. I wanted to play comfortably against HanDol as I have already retired, though I will do my best.”

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