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How to Install Linux Mint 19 Alongside Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot UEFI Mode

How to Install Linux Mint 19 Alongside Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot UEFI Mode

How to Install Linux Mint 19 Alongside Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot UEFI Mode

Linux Mint 19.2 has been launched in wild through the Linux Mint venture construction crew as a brand new longer term give a boost to version which is able to obtain give a boost to and safety updates till 2023.

This instructional will information you on how you’ll be able to set up Linux Mint 19.2 in dual-boot with a variant Microsoft Operating System, corresponding to Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, on machines with EFI firmware and a pre-installed model of Microsoft OS.

If you’re searching for a non-dual-boot set up on Laptop, Desktop or Virtual Machine, you must learn: Installation Guide of Linux Mint 19.2 Codename ‘Tina’.

Assuming that your computer or desktop machine comes pre-installed with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 or 8 you must input the UEFI menu and disable the next settings: Secure Boot and Fast Boot options.

If the pc has no pre-installed OS and you plan to use Linux and Windows in dual-boot, first set up Microsoft Windows after which continue with Linux Mint 19 set up.

Download Linux Mint 19

  1. Linux Mint 19 ISO pictures – https://www.linuxmint.com/download.php

In case you personal a UEFI pc steer clear of the 32-bit model of Linux Mint as a result of it is going to simplest boot and paintings with BIOS machines, whilst the 64-bit ISO symbol can boot with BIOS or UEFI computer systems.

Step 1: Shrink HDD Space for Dual-Boot

1. In case your pc comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows on a unmarried partition, logon to Windows machine with a person who has administrator privileges, press [Win+r] keys to open run urged and kind the next command in order to open Disk Management device.

Open Windows Disk ManagementOpen Windows Disk Management

Open Windows Disk Management

2. Right-click on C: partition and make a choice Shrink Volume in order to resize the partition.

Shrink Windows PartitionShrink Windows Partition

Shrink Windows Partition

three. Use a price best-suited for you, relying in your HDD measurement, at the quantity of house to shrink MB box (minimal 20000 MB beneficial) and hit Shrink button to get started the method of resizing the partition.

Assign Partition SizeAssign Partition Size

Assign Partition Size

four. When the method finishes a brand new unallocated house will seem at the onerous power.

Unallocated PartitionUnallocated Partition

Unallocated Partition

Close Disk Management application, position Linux Mint DVD or USB bootable symbol in the precise power and reboot the pc in order to get started with Linux Mint 19 set up.

In case you’re booting Linux Mint for set up from a USB dive in UEFI mode be sure to’ve created the bootable USB stick the use of a application corresponding to Rufus, which is UEFI appropriate, in a different way your USB bootable power gained’t boot.

Step 2: Installation of Linux Mint 19

five. After reboot, press the particular serve as key and instruct the system firmware (UEFI) to boot-up from the precise DVD or USB power (the particular serve as keys in most cases are F12, F10 or F2 relying at the motherboard producer).

Once the media boot-up a brand new display screen must seem in your observe. Choose Start Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and hit Enter to proceed.

Select Start Linux Mint Cinnamon-InstallSelect Start Linux Mint Cinnamon-Install

Select Start Linux Mint Cinnamon-Install

6. Wait till the machine quite a bit into RAM in order to run in live-mode and open the installer through double-clicking on Install Linux Mint icon.

Choose the language you would like to carry out the set up and click on at the Continue button to continue additional.

Select Install Linux MintSelect Install Linux Mint

Select Install Linux Mint

Select Installation LanguageSelect Installation Language

Select Installation Language

7. On the following display screen hit at the Continue button to continue additional. Third-party tool may also be routinely downloaded and put in in this step through checking the check-box.

The advice could be to go away the field unchecked for the instant and manually set up proprietary tool later after the set up procedure completes.

Preparing to Install Linux Mint 19Preparing to Install Linux Mint 19

Preparing to Install Linux Mint 19

8. At the following display screen, you’ll be able to select the Installation Type. If Windows Boot supervisor is routinely detected you’ll be able to select to Install Linux Mint along Windows Boot Manager. This possibility guarantees that the HDD might be routinely partitioned through the installer with none information loss.

The 2nd possibility, Erase disk and set up Ubuntu, must be have shyed away from for dual-boot as a result of is probably bad and can wipe out your disk.

For a extra versatile partition structure, you must pass with Something else possibility and hit at the Continue button to continue additional.

Select Installation Type for Linux Mint 19Select Installation Type for Linux Mint 19

Select Installation Type for Linux Mint 19

nine. Now let’s create the partition structure for Linux Mint 19. I might suggest that you just create 3 walls, one for / (root), one for /house accounts information and one partition for switch.

First, create the switch partition. Select the unfastened house and hit at the + icon underneath. On this partition use the next settings and hit OK to create the partition:

Size = 1024 MB
Type for the brand new partition = Primary
Location for the brand new partition = Beginning of this house
Use as = switch house
Select Free Partition SpaceSelect Free Partition Space

Select Free Partition Space

Create Swap PartitionCreate Swap Partition

Create Swap Partition

10. Using the similar steps as above create the /(root) partition with the underneath settings:

Size = minimal 20 GB
Type for the brand new partition = Primary
Location for the brand new partition = Beginning of this house
Use as = EXT4 journaling document machine
Mount level = /
Select Free SpaceSelect Free Space

Select Free Space

Create Root PartitionCreate Root Partition

Create Root Partition

11. Finally, create the house slice with the underneath settings (use the entire to be had unfastened house to create house partition).

Home partition is where the place all paperwork for person accounts might be saved through default, apart from the root account. In case of machine failure, you’ll be able to reinstall the working machine for scratch with out touching or dropping the settings and paperwork of all customers.

Size = ultimate unfastened house
Type for the brand new partition = Primary
Location for the brand new partition = Beginning 
Use as = EXT4 journaling document machine
Mount level = /house
Create Home PartitionCreate Home Partition

Create Home Partition

12. After completing developing the partition structure, make a choice the Windows Boot Manager because the tool for putting in the Grub boot loader and hit on Install Now button in order to devote adjustments to disk and continue with the set up.

Next, a brand new pop-up window will ask you should you consider committing adjustments to disk. Hit on Continue to settle for adjustments and the installer will now get started to write adjustments to disk.

Linux Mint 19 Partition SummaryLinux Mint 19 Partition Summary

Linux Mint 19 Partition Summary

Accept Write Changes to DiskAccept Write Changes to Disk

Accept Write Changes to Disk

13. On the following display screen select your nearest bodily location from the map and hit Continue.

Select Country ZoneSelect Country Zone

Select Country Zone

14. Next, you must make a choice your keyboard structure and click on on Continue button.

Select Keyboard LayoutSelect Keyboard Layout

Select Keyboard Layout

15. Enter a username and a password for the primary account with root privileges, select your machine hostname through filling the pc’s title box with a descriptive price and hit Continue to finalize the set up procedure.

Create User AccountCreate User Account

Create User Account

16. The set up procedure will take some time and when it reaches the overall step it is going to ask you to hit at the Restart Now button to entire the set up.

Linux Mint 19 Installation CompletedLinux Mint 19 Installation Completed

Linux Mint 19 Installation Completed

17. After reboot, the machine will first boot-up in Grub, with Linux Mint as the primary boot possibility which might be routinely began after 10 seconds. From right here you’ll be able to additional instruct the pc to boot in Windows or Linux.

Linux Mint BootLinux Mint Boot

Linux Mint Boot

On computer systems, with more recent UEFI firmware the Grub boot loader gained’t be displayed through default and the system will routinely boot-up in Windows.

In order to boot into Linux, you should press the particular serve as boot key after the restart and from there to additional make a choice what OS you would like to get started.

In order to trade the default boot order input UEFI settings, make a choice your default OS and save the adjustments. Review the seller’s guide in order to hit upon the particular serve as keys used for boot or for coming into UEFI settings.

18. After the machine finishes loading, log in to Linux Mint 19 through the use of the credentials created throughout the set up procedure. Fire-up a Terminal window and get started the replace procedure from the command line through operating the next instructions:

$ sudo apt-get replace
$ sudo apt-get improve

That’s it! You have effectively put in the newest model of Linux Mint 19 in your tool. You will to find the Linux Mint platform to be very powerful, speedy, versatile, relaxing, simple to use, with a ton of tool required for a standard person already put in and really solid.

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