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I Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of Elon Musk Breaking His Cybertruck Windows

I Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of Elon Musk Breaking His Cybertruck Windows

I Can’t Stop Watching This Video Of Elon Musk Breaking His Cybertruck Windows

Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

It took precisely 2 mins and 27 seconds for Elon Musk to move from bragging about his latest automobile to uttering “Oh my fucking god.”

On Thursday, the Tesla CEO unveiled his newest automobile, the Cybertruck, at a flashy Los Angeles match that used to be phase Apple iPhone disclose, phase Blade Runner. It used to be, like each and every Tesla presentation, executed on its leader’s phrases, with whooping fanboys, flashing cameras, and a halting, cutesy android hologram that presented the automobile’s “creator,” Musk.

The unveil looked to be going to devise till Musk and his leader fashion designer made up our minds for kicks that they’d throw a steel ball on the automobile’s driver-side window. And holy hell, it used to be now not price it, consistent with a video I’ve watched roughly 37 instances.

Musk has spent a lot of the final 12 months seeking to get well from fights with traders, staff, and random other people on Twitter. What he wanted used to be an match the place a prototype automobile may well be celebrated. What he were given used to be an instance that shall be remembered because the time Tesla’s CEO sabotaged his personal automobile on degree, now not as soon as, however two times.

So what the hell came about?

The first 9 mins of the Cybertruck presentation is going on and not using a hitch. “We need something different, and we need sustainable energy now,” Musk stated, ahead of rolling out a automobile that appears like a DeLorean had a toddler with Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek. Or one thing an Eight-year-old inbuilt Minecraft. Or this factor.

The dick-swinging contest begins round six mins into the presentation, when Tesla’s lead fashion designer Franz von Holzhausen seems with an orange sledgehammer to check the Cybertruck’s frame. With Musk claiming “it’s really hard,” von Holzhausen makes an attempt to dent the automobile’s driver-side door. He fails, however in the way in which that Musk sought after him to. Good boy.

The hammer is put away, and Musk makes a pronouncement on degree that turns out scripted by means of Icarus. “You want a truck that’s really tough, not fake tough,” he says. “You want a truck you can take a sledgehammer to, a truck that won’t scratch, doesn’t dent. What else can we do with this truck?” [Narrator: Lol.]

Musk strikes onto the home windows. Tesla Armor Glass, consistent with the billionaire CEO, is “transparent, metal glass,” which makes some other people cheer with no need a clue what it approach. Three Las Vegas magician sorts seem along side the degree and drop a steel ball on what seems to be common automobile glass, which cracks. Then they climb a ladder and take a look at it at the Armor Glass, which voilà, remains intact. Such wow.

Then von Holzhausen returns. Fuckin’ Franz. He drops the steel ball at the flooring in order that we all know he’s were given a fucking steel ball, choices it again up, and walks by means of Musk. “Franz, could you try to break this glass, please?” the boss beckons. Don’t fuck with von Holzhausen.

And then he does the deed.

Right ahead of he pitches his off-speed curve, von Holzhausen asks “You sure?” just like the child who tells their older brother what they are about to do will no doubt get them grounded for a month. Musk offers a “yeah” and von Holzhausen, not able to behave towards his higher judgment, is going right into a half-hearted windup and we could fly. The glass spiderwebs. Elon half-laughs, half-yelps, “Oh my fucking god.”

Just take a look at von Holzhausen’s face.

Now out of fucks, von Holzhausen does the inexplicable. “Let’s try the rear,” he says, although Musk does not slightly pay attention him. Von Holzhausen repeats himself, and Musk seems to be at his fashion designer like he is long gone a little bit mad. Von Holzhausen is unleashed.

“It didn’t go through,” Musk says as he watches a 2d Tesla Armor Glass™ window shatter. He’s now not giggling anymore, although von Holzhausen leaves the degree chuckling reasonably maniacally.

Musk sticks round cracking one-liners like a comic who is aware of his set has long gone horribly flawed. What’s worse is the background.

The visuals display all of the issues that Tesla’s engineers have thrown on the home windows all the way through checking out: picket planks, wrenches, nails, even a kitchen sink, consistent with Musk. “For a little weird reason, it broke now and I don’t know why,” Musk says. “We’ll fix it in post.”

Despite the jokes, Musk simply cannot forestall taking a look on the home windows. He turns round no less than 5 instances to inspect the wear all the way through the presentation although it is obviously now not bothering him by any means. Nope. All excellent right here.

Tesla’s CEO had any other 9 mins on degree with the Cybertruck and went directly to announce numerous different options that individuals most definitely paid consideration to as an alternative of staring on the home windows. I’m now not certain what the ones are, however I do know there are numerous nice skilled pictures from the development.

Oh, this is how a lot the truck prices.

Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

Knowing Musk, Tesla’s CEO will most definitely take this in a wonderfully measured and swish method. Let’s hope we see Franz von Holzhausen on the subsequent match.

If now not, thank you for the reminiscences.

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