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In 1954, an Extraterrestrial Bruiser Shocked This Alabama Woman |
At the Smithsonian

In 1954, an Extraterrestrial Bruiser Shocked This Alabama Woman | At the Smithsonian

In 1954, an Extraterrestrial Bruiser Shocked This Alabama Woman |
At the Smithsonian

On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges skilled a impolite awakening. As the 34-year-old lay snoozing cozily below quilts on the settee in her Alabama house, she woke up with a jolt as she turned into the handiest human being identified to have suffered an harm after being struck via a meteorite.

The roughly eight.Five-pound, four.Five-billion-year-old interplanetary traveler shot like a bullet thru her Sylacauga area’s roof at 2:46 p.m. It banged into her huge radio console and bounced onto her frame, inflicting a big bruise on her left facet.

Experts estimate the odds of being hit via a meteorite are 1 in 1.6 million. “You have a better chance of getting hit by a tornado and a bolt of lightning and a hurricane all at the same time,” Michael Reynolds, a Florida State College astronomer informed the National Geographic. Apparently, a bigger meteorite cut up in two because it fell towards the flooring. One piece hit Hodges and the different landed a couple of miles away. The 2d meteorite can also be discovered in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

The Sylacauga meteorite (above: a micrograph of the specimen) has been recognized as a chondrite, says the Smithsonian’s Cari Corrigan. It comprises extra iron and nickel than different specimens and is estimated to be greater than four.Five billion years outdated.


The Sylacauga meteorite is on view at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.


Moving at roughly 200 kilometers according to hour, the meteor lit up the sky in portions of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Hodges’ neighbors reported seeing “a bright reddish light” crossing the sky “like a roman candle trailing smoke.” Others stated they noticed a “a fireball, like a gigantic wielding arc.” The whole meteorite is formally referred to as Sylacauga for the position the place it landed, however is popularly referred to as the Hodges Meteorite.

Meteorites don’t seem to be uncommon. They had been falling on Earth since the planet’s starting, and “they fall all over the Earth,” says the Smithsonian’s Cari Corrigan, analysis geologist at the Natural History Museum. On November 10, 2019, a vivid meteorite, which NASA estimated was once as giant as a basketball, streaked thru the sky close to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Reports of its vivid flare lit up the web.

Most meteorites discovered via people on Earth are in the vary between the sizes of a golfing ball and a fist. They lose about part in their quantity when passing thru the planet’s environment. An excessive amount of the extraterrestrial subject material touchdown on Earth falls into the ocean, and far of this can be very small. “We get hit by dust all the time,” says Corrigan.

Just moments ahead of Ann Hodges woke up, many noticed the fireball overhead and believed that they had witnessed an plane plummeting to earth, so government anticipated to discover a crash website. At the similar time, Hodges and her mom, who was once in the area along with her, attempted to decide what had came about. Because the area was once stuffed with mud, they first of all believed the chimney had collapsed or an area heater had ruptured. After recognizing the rock on the ground and the bruise on her frame, they referred to as the police and fireplace departments. With the arrival of emergency automobiles, phrase started to unfold that the Hodges area represented flooring 0 for no matter had came about.

Hodges’s husband, Eugene, knew not anything about the extraterrestrial invasion of his house till the finish of his workday when he returned house to search out his area surrounded via a crowd of other people. “We had a little excitement around here today,” Ann Hodges informed the Associated Press. In truth, the pleasure ended in her hospitalization the following day. “I haven’t been able to sleep since I was hit,” she informed journalists.

The Sylacauga, Alabama, condo house the place Ann Elizabeth Hodges and her husband lived in 1954 when she was once struck via a meteorite that fell thru the ceiling.

(Jay Leviton/The LIFE Images Collection by means of Getty Images/Getty Images)

The meteorite broken the ceiling of the house the place Ann Elizabeth Hodges and her husband lived.

(Jay Leviton/The LIFE Images Collection by means of Getty Images/Getty Images)

At that point, when Americans had been skittish about the danger of nuclear struggle and alert to rumors of alien craft, the Air Force took custody of the object to ensure that it was once certainly a meteorite. Officers at Maxwell Air Force Base promised that it could be returned to the Hodges family, which coincidentally stood throughout the boulevard from a drive-in theater named The Comet. It featured a neon depiction of a comet hovering thru area.

Identifying the object as a meteorite was once fairly simple, however figuring out its possession turned into sophisticated. The Hodges rented their house, and their landlady, Birdie Guy, concept the meteorite belonged to her. “Suing is the only way she’ll ever get it,” Ann Hodges stated, including, “I think God intended it for me. After all, it hit me!”

The case in the end was once settled out of courtroom with Guy getting $500 to let Ann Hodges stay the meteorite. When Eugene Hodges was once not able to discover a purchaser for it, the circle of relatives used it as a doorstop for some time ahead of donating it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Another resident of the Sylacauga space, a farmer named Julius Kempis McKinney, discovered a work of the similar meteor a couple of miles away. In a scene some distance got rid of from the coming Space Age, McKinney was once riding a mule-drawn wagon when the mules balked over a black rock of their trail. He driven the rock out of the means and returned house. That evening, after listening to about Ann Hodges’s enjoy, he retrieved the rock and took it house, the place his kids performed with it. McKinney requested his postal provider to glue him with a attorney to assist with the sale of the piece of the meteorite that he had discovered.

Later experiences indicated that he made sufficient cash from the sale to shop for a area and a automobile. Shortly later on, that meteorite was once donated to the National Museum of Natural History.

Decades later, Christie’s public sale area offered any other piece of the similar meteor in 2017 for $7,500, which amounted to $728 according to gram at a time when 24Ok gold was once valued at simply $39.05 according to gram. The meteorite, which was once a work of the rock discovered via McKinney, was once price a lot more than its weight in gold. In 1992, a 26-pound meteorite slammed right into a purple Chevy Malibu in Peekskill, New York, and 10 years later, the identify to the automobile and a damaged taillight offered for $Five,000, whilst fragments of the meteorite now promote for roughly $150 according to gram.

In the hubbub after the meteorite strike, Ann Hodges turned into a minor famous person. Her photograph seemed on the quilt of Life mag’s December 13, 1954 version with an article entitled, “A Big Bruiser From the Sky.” The pleasure of the nationwide consideration it appears brought about ongoing well being issues for her and contributed to the cave in of her marriage in 1964. She died of kidney failure in a neighborhood nursing house at the age of simply 52.

While Hodges is the handiest human identified to had been injured via a meteorite have an effect on, a cow in Venezuela died after being pummeled via an unearthly rock in 1972. Another meteorite in February 2013 created a sonic growth that broke home windows and scattered particles, inflicting accidents to greater than 1,000 other people in Chelyabinsk, Russia. There additionally was once an unconfirmed document in 2016 bus driving force in Natrampalli, India, suffered deadly accidents after being hit via detritus ejected when a meteorite hit the flooring. And in spite of a couple of social media claims of being struck via a meteorite in the 21st century, none has been showed.

Meteorites, however, stay a scorching matter. Corrigan, who works on a mission to collect meteorites from Antarctica, explains that the learn about of meteorites “fits in at the very beginning of natural history.”

“Ninety-nine percent of meteorites come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter,” she says. “We think a lot of that material is really similar to the material that the Earth formed from.” This explicit meteorite has been recognized as a chondrite, she says of the Sylacauga meteorite. This sort comprises extra iron and nickel than different specimens and is estimated to be greater than four.Five billion years outdated. These rocks, that have by no means melted, are amongst the purest and maximum primitive remnants of the sun device’s early construction.

Although the Space Age started simply 62 years in the past, wisdom of meteorites dates again to precedent days. At the 2,000-year-old Hopewell Mounds in Ohio, scientists have discovered human stays that wore necklaces made from meteorites. Those Native Americans discovered the meteorites and “knew they were special,” Corrigan says. Some of the meteorites originated as some distance away as Kansas and had been transported to the Ohio website.

Meteorites have performed a memorable function in Earth historical past, and Ann Hodges’s enjoy is remembered, too. Author and slapstick comedian Fannie Flagg reimagined occasions encompass the Hodges meteorite and used the incident as inspiration for a bankruptcy in her 1987 Alabama-based novel Fried Green Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Café. The bankruptcy, which was once set in 1929, main points the tale of a meteorite crashing thru the roof of a house, hanging a radio, and rarely lacking a human being. The meteorite didn’t make an look in the 1991 movie according to the novel.

Visitors to the National Museum of Natural History can view the Sylacauga meteorite in the museum’s Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology Gems and Minerals on the 2d ground.

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