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Kyber’s DeFi Hackathon Winners – New DeFi Projects

Kyber’s DeFi Hackathon Winners – New DeFi Projects

Today marked the top of Kyber Network’s 7-week digital hackathon. With sponsorships from Compound, Chainlink, Synthetix, bZx, Melon and WBTC, it was once rather transparent that the focal point of this hackathon was once round development equipment to additional enlargement of the DeFi ecosystem at huge. The digital hackathon featured a worth pool of $42,500 with over 78 submissions. In this newsletter, we’ll be looking on the successful submissions together with the traits adopted through the vast majority of the victors.

DeFi Zap

The gold prize went to DeFi Zap, a device that lets you allocate property throughout more than one DeFi protocols in a single transaction to save lots of time and fuel. Zap is a brilliant contract that auto-spreads incoming deposits throughout Compound, Fulcrum, TokenSets and others, in line with pre-set allocations.

The platform activates customers to finish a snappy survey, gaging their chance urge for food and personal tastes relative to express virtual property like ether and Bitcoin. Based for your responses, the gadget recommends one (or a mixture) of various Zaps which can be possibly to fit your urge for food.

In abstract, DeFi Zap is attention-grabbing within the sense of no longer best aggregating other DeFi merchandise like InstaDapp, however for serving to to additional collateralize other positions in a digestible type. Stated in a different way, for customers who aren’t too savvy with the other interior workings of every protocol, DeFi Zaps supplies a click on and level interface to leverage other area of interest tokens (i.e. sETH from Synthetix or ETH20MA from Set Protocol) in a single transaction. In doing so, customers no longer best save time from best having to make use of one platform, however in addition they save fuel whilst hedging their publicity to any explicit DeFi product.


This 12 months’s runner up prize went to Structured, a device that lets you acquire a structured monetary product with out developing an account or offering any private knowledge, because of the Ethereum blockchain.

At first look, this product jogged my memory of Set Protocol, particularly within the sense of leveraging other Ethereum-based property to outperform the marketplace. What was once attention-grabbing about Structured’s way was once the mix of various protocol equipment that gives extra distinctive positions that what’s lately presented on anybody DeFi product particularly.

Taking a have a look at the “80/20 Interest Long” basket, customers acquire 40% USDC Interest, 40% DAI Interest, 10% 2x Long ETH, 10% 2x lengthy BTC to make up an 80% fastened source of revenue, 20% leveraged place portfolio. This explicit basket symbolizes the individuality of Structured as follows: 

“If the cost of basketed Ethereum/Bitcoin is going up, you earn 2x on 20% of your portfolio (by the use of Fulcrum). If the costs cut back through ~50%, then you definitely lose 20%, however make that again up after after 2 to three years from the income from fastened source of revenue DAI and USDC ($) returns loans by the use of Compound Finance.”

In abstract, Structured supplies a singular alternative to offset other DeFi alternatives thru a unique deposit. Moving ahead, it may be imagined that a lot of new merchandise will make their method onto the platform if the core crew continues building following the hackathon.

People’s Choice: dDAI

While there have been a number of superior initiatives that ended up successful more than a few rewards for both 3rd position or a sponsor-explicit prize, let’s check out the “people’s choice” winner, dDAI. For the ones accustomed to rDAI, this mission necessarily means that you can earn hobby for your DAI through lending it out on other DeFi merchandise similar to Compound or Fulcrum. 

What makes dDai distinctive is that it takes the ones earnings and converts them into other property of your selection, relying on any given “recipe”. Taking this a step additional, those recipes move additional than simply ether or Bitcoin through leveraging equipment like Synthetix to show your hobby into different protocol tokens similar to sXTZ (Synthetix’s model of Tezos) or opting for to show your hobby right into a margin place to additional make stronger your publicity to the asset of your selection.

Honorable Mention: DeFi Custody

Let’s think you’re stuck in a sad twist of fate the next day to come and your circle of relatives has no clue the place you saved your non-public key. Even worse, they won’t even know what a non-public secret’s! Thanks to DeFi Custody (aka DC Wallet), customers can arrange a freelance that activates property to be transferred to a pockets in their selection after a predetermined period of time. In follow, this permits customers not to best assist their circle of relatives arrange their first Ethereum pockets, but in addition to be designated because the bearer of the ones property within the tournament of a sad or imaginable deadly twist of fate.

It’s value noting that no longer best did DeFi Custody win the WBTC prize at Kyber hackathon, in addition they took house prizes at EthWaterloo for his or her utilization of MetaMask plugins, a toolset which permits explicit permissions to granted upon the primary utilization of the pockets. In doing so, the product revel in turns into a lot more streamlined for the consumer as they now not wish to “approve” the contract to accomplish explicit purposes when they’re meant to be carried out.

General Trends

Now that we’ve taken a have a look at one of the most noteworthy initiatives, let’s take a 2d to replicate on DeFi composability. For someone who’s been within the blockchain ecosystem for a couple of years, we all know that go-chain interoperability was once one of the most greatest promoting issues for brand new infrastructure initiatives in 2017 (Cosmos, Polkadot, Aion, and many others.). What’s attention-grabbing concerning the overarching quantity of submissions on this hackathon was once the coordination of more than a few DeFi merchandise into new toolkits. Stated in a different way, many of those submissions leverage explicit makes use of (similar to lending on Compound or artificial property on Synthetix) to create adapted property and products and services that had been all moderately intuitive from an finish-consumer point of view.

As we discussed above, many of those transactions are processed robotically, which means that a mean consumer now not must know the way to navigate and have interaction with any of those base DeFi merchandise. As such, customers can leverage independent good contracts to accomplish advanced DeFi products and services all in a couple of clicks.


Moving ahead, it’s glaring that the narrative of “money legos” is best proceeding to develop. In the following 12 months, it’s most likely that an increasing number of merchandise will leverage open-supply good contracts to offer computerized products and services that had been in the past not possible.

In doing so, it’s simple to acknowledge the endless attainable DeFi has to provide after we believe an international during which any vary of advanced monetary merchandise may also be simply controlled thru a common login.


Cooper is fascinated about development compelling blockchain merchandise. He lately works because the managing director at Fitzner Blockchain Consulting and is a contributor to DAOs like MetaCartel and Moloch. He is an energetic member of the Ethereum group and has a powerful hobby in for-benefit companies similar to The Block Crypto and Messari.

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