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Tesla’s Cybertruck Is a Vehicle for the Adult Baby Class War

Tesla’s Cybertruck Is a Vehicle for the Adult Baby Class War

Tesla’s Cybertruck Is a Vehicle for the Adult Baby Class War

Before Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s new Cybertruck (CYBERTRUKK?) thought on Thursday night time, he promised the international in a tweet that it could appear to be a army armored workforce service. At the time, I assumed this was once bizarre, as a result of frankly I will be able to’t consider short of to force a automobile like the ones carting troops and guns round quite a lot of warfare zones to the grocery retailer.

But when Musk in spite of everything printed the automobile, which seems like an 80s thought automotive crossed with some inventory sci-fi design tropes, I were given it. With each and every sledgehammer hit, gunshot demo, and in spite of everything an embarrassing incident the place the Cybertruck’s supposedly unbreakable home windows uhhh broke, the explanation why for this truck’s life become transparent: it is a automobile for the magnificence warfare. But now not any magnificence warfare, the silly magnificence warfare. The magnificence warfare the place one facet consists of grownup small children who nevertheless can find the money for a minimum of the promise of military-grade that reminds them of stuff they preferred after they had been youngsters.

Tesla Cybertruck reveal

Screengrab: YouTube

The entire scenario is so ridiculous, so on-the-nose, that you simply nearly must snort. A promotional symbol for the Cybertruck depicts it riding on a freeway with a U-Haul-style trailer hooked up. One imagines a circle of relatives’s property being carted throughout the U.S. to a new house; giant display screen TV, vital paperwork, and quite a lot of objets d’artwork all safe via a “literally bulletproof” automotive. With this in thoughts, bashing the truck and chucking pieces at it on degree felt like Musk looking to turn out that it may resist the proletariat’s molotovs when the revolution comes.

This is all indisputably useless, a minimum of for now, however is surely interesting to the form of one who fed on a ton of dystopian 80s sci-fi and idea that may well be a long term they might need to reside in. After all, they are now not considered one of the wilderness raiders the Cybertruck turns out ready to protect towards; they are the ones inside of the sci-fi APC.

Ultimately, the Cybertruck is for individuals who a minimum of aspirationally consider their home international to be a warfare zone. It’s most certainly now not a accident that APC-like automobiles already roam civilian streets, piloted via an increasing number of militarized police. The proven fact that Tesla’s anti-prole tank is all-electric is best the icing on the cake. Save the planet, however for whom?

All it takes to enlist as of late is a refundable $100 deposit.

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