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The Ultimate, Non-Technical Guide to AWS – Linux Academy
The Ultimate, Non-Technical Guide to AWS – Linux Academy

The Ultimate, Non-Technical Guide to AWS – Linux Academy

The Ultimate, Non-Technical Guide to AWS – Linux Academy

One of the most typical questions other people ask us is, “Do I need to have an IT background to start using AWS?” The solution is really no longer. Don’t get me flawed, having a technical background provides you with a bonus. Knowing how networking works, and being acquainted with the client-server type will can help you perceive the fine details of AWS, however what if you wish to have one thing much more fundamental than that? Part of what makes AWS so helpful is its technical complexity. But that’s additionally what could make it so intimidating to be told. We’ve put in combination this non-technical information to AWS for individuals who need to be told the platform, however really feel beaten by means of the entire acronyms like EC2 and S3.

AWS in non-technical phrases

Amazon Web Services is a controlled cloud computing platform. Every carrier they provide is hosted in one among its knowledge facilities, which might be arranged into areas and availability zones. The cloud is a time period that continuously will get thrown round with out a lot rationalization—what occurs while you get admission to a cloud carrier is lovely easy. Your pc connects to one among their computer systems, which does one thing, and returns the end result to you. In some ways, it’s identical to gaining access to a site.

The non-technical information to AWS services and products

You’ve almost definitely heard about EC2, S3, VPC, and any choice of different acronyms. This is without doubt one of the causes many of us are hesitant to get into AWS. It simply sounds sophisticated, and if you happen to don’t have an IT background, the difficult to understand carrier names will also be overwhelming. So let’s spoil down some of the extra commonplace Amazon Web Services and spot what they in fact do.


IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, and it lets in you to keep watch over who has get admission to to what services and products in your account. This carrier is amazingly helpful for organizations the place other contributors want to get admission to an AWS account, however they don’t all want the similar privileges to do their jobs successfully.
Suppose you had been the landlord of a cafe with a number of cooks, waiters, and bosses. Each worker will get a badge, which is helping you set up their identities. The managers are answerable for ensuring the kitchen and eating room each run easily, and so they additionally may carry out administrative duties after hours and set issues up ahead of the cooks and waiters arrive.

Because of this, the workers want keys to the development. Note that no longer each and every chef and waiter wishes a key as a result of this will increase the risk that one might get misplaced (no longer to point out different attainable safety considerations). By offering keys to the gang of managers simplest, you might be managing get admission to.
This is a simplified analogy, however IAM works in a similar fashion. By giving your staff ID badges and limiting after-hours development get admission to with keys, you’ll be able to simply stay monitor of who does what, and assist run your eating place (or infrastructure) extra successfully.


A VPC, or Virtual Private Cloud, is some other essential piece of Amazon Web Services structure. It acts as a community between your AWS services and products and cases so you’ll be able to keep watch over what’s to be had each publicly and privately. Networking is a sophisticated subject, so to simplify it, I’ll borrow an analogy from Tom Haslett, the trainer of Linux Academy’s AWS Essentials direction.

Even if you happen to don’t have a technical background, you’ve almost definitely used Facebook. But you don’t want to know the way it really works to perceive what it does. Think about how Facebook is arranged: you will have your profile web page, and your folks have pages of their very own. On every individual’s web page, they are able to submit statuses, footage, and movies, and they are able to adjust their privateness settings to exchange whether or not posts are visual to buddies, the general public, or positive teams. Each submit is saved on Facebook, however the consumer has keep watch over over who can get admission to it.

Your Facebook profile is like your VPC. Your posts and footage are the assets you will have, and the privateness settings are other community laws that keep watch over who can see them. To supply a “real-world” instance, believe you’re employed for an organization with each inside and exterior web sites. The inside website is for staff simplest, whilst the exterior website is for patrons. By the usage of other portions of the VPC – similar to subnets, gateways, and path tables – you’ll be able to make certain that simplest staff at the administrative center community can view the inner website.


S3 is Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, and true to its identify, it’s lovely easy while you comprehend it. It makes use of garage devices referred to as “buckets” to prepare belongings like footage and recordsdata. You will also host web sites on them, supplied the content material is reasonably easy.
The most straightforward real-world identical to S3 is, neatly, a garage carrier. Suppose you get started a furniture-making trade, and you wish to have to hire a garage unit to retain your final stock. You pay a undeniable charge monthly in change for get admission to to that unit, and you’ll be able to upload up to you favor so long as it suits inside of. If you wish to have to give somebody else get admission to, you’ll be able to give them a key, and both of you’ll be able to get admission to the unit on every occasion you favor to transfer furnishings in or out.

One of the principle options of S3 is its integration with different Amazon Web Services. For instance, you probably have a program that generates reviews, you’ll be able to retailer the ones reviews in an S3 bucket. From there, you’ll be able to both log in and examine them, use some other program to do one thing with them, or set “policies” to transfer them to longer term garage after a undeniable time period for record-keeping and compliance.


EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. You can call to mind the EC2 carrier as a useful resource that runs packages in an Amazon knowledge heart. In different phrases, it’s a internet server, which is a pc that may reply to requests and ship again responses.
Believe it or no longer, I’m sufficiently old to take note ordering issues from magazines. This may appear to be historical historical past, nevertheless it’s a beautiful just right analogy for the way in which EC2 works. Let’s believe I’m having a look in a magazine and discover a blouse on the market. To purchase it, I might fill out an order shape, mail it to the mag’s processing division with fee, and a couple of weeks later, they might mail me a blouse.

EC2, on this instance, is the processing division. When they obtain an order, somebody retrieves the object from the warehouse, puts it in a field, and ships it to the consumer. With EC2, the “order” is a request, and the package deal is also a work of knowledge or a internet web page. EC2 is excellent for working internet packages or web sites, nevertheless it can be used for website hosting code that returns knowledge or plays an motion (an API). Nearly each and every  AWS carrier can combine with EC2, and it’s one of the crucial basic services and products Solutions Architects should know.

What in regards to the different services and products?

AWS has round 100 other services and products, so that is, under no circumstances, a whole checklist. But this is a just right illustration of the typical services and products Solutions Architects use day by day. Do they use different ones we didn’t quilt? Absolutely. However, this doesn’t imply you wish to have to know each and every unmarried carrier in and out. The level is, even though you’re no longer positive what a given carrier does, there may be continuously an analogy to can help you comprehend it. From there, you’ll be able to work out the way it suits into your structure. Even qualified AWS pros don’t know the whole thing. And breaking concepts down into extra acquainted ideas is without doubt one of the absolute best tactics to be told new generation.

Can non-technical other people be told AWS?

The solution is sure, however that is reasonably of a trick query. People continuously label themselves as “technical other people” or “non-technical other people.” In fact, this difference doesn’t exist—no less than, no longer the way in which the general public suppose it does.
The distinction between technical other people and non-technical other people is of their talents, which might be realized over the years. If Jimi Hendrix by no means picked up a guitar, he would no longer be a guitarist. If Bobby Flay by no means realized to cook dinner, he would no longer be a chef. And if the IT individual you’re employed with by no means realized how computer systems paintings, there’s a superb opportunity she or he wouldn’t be serving to you repair yours.

If you believe your self a “non-technical” individual, that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t be told AWS or get started a brand new occupation within the tech business. It simply way you will have to be told the talents you wish to have first. Starting with an AWS Certification is a good way to get began. Not on account of the certification you obtain while you move the examination, however on account of the talents, you be told alongside the way in which.

Cloud computing and platforms like AWS can appear advanced and intimidating. The cryptic carrier names won’t make sense if you happen to don’t know what they stand for (and every now and then even though you do). And that is the entire extra complicated if you happen to don’t have a technical background. But take note, your background is simply your previous. With onerous paintings and the appropriate coaching, you’ll be able to have a technical presentation. And if you happen to’re decided, put within the effort, and get ready your self, you’ll be able to also have a technical long term as neatly.

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